• Ordering

    • Please pay attention to the group news, customer service will regularly send the order link and the new arrivals information in the WeChat group. Click to enter the link, register first, and then place the order. Transfer after placing an order! After payment! Distribution! Ship! After registering, you can view the order at will.
    • Please check the quality and quantity of the goods within 24 hours of receiving the goods. If there is a product problem, our store supports applying for a replacement or refund within 24 hours! Please contact customer service (WeChat CinCin610). Please attach the relevant photos and provide the order number!
    • Tipping! The delivery staffs work very hard during the epidemic. If you recognize our service, please also give our staffs some tips, because it is contactless delivery, please add this option when shopping.
    • The products in the store are more complete than on the website. If you need to add the products that are not on the website, please note them in the order to avoid losing them.

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