• Payment Methods

    Payment Methods

    What method of payment can I use?

    We currently accept:

    • Credit cards (Visa, and MasterCard, including debit credit cards)
    • WeChat Pay
    • AliPay
    • UnionPay with YUN SHAN FU App

    We also have the option for Interact email money transfer (e-Transfer), for which you have to follow these very specific steps:


    Step 1:

    Prepare and place your order on our website; place your payment as “cheque”. Finalize your order and note down your invoice/order number.

    Step 2:

    On your online participating financial institution, locate Interac Email Money Transfer (or e-Transfer), which is usually found in the Transfer/Payment menu.

    Step 3:

    Fill in the Interact Email Money Transfer information:

    Email: Recipient’s email address (service@gdsupermarche.com)

    Amount: Payment amount (Your order’s final total)

    Account: Account from which to withdraw the funds

    Question: Security question only the intended recipient will know the answer to

    Message: Place your order/invoice number

    Then click “Send”.

    Step 4:

    Send an email to service@gdsupermarche.com to provide the security answer you have set for your question.

    Once confirmed by our financial department, your order will be released to be processed by our processing team.

    Note: Please make sure to place the order/invoice number when paying e-Transfer. Without remarking the order/invoice number, may cause delay in processing your order. Thank you for your cooperation!